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AO Supports Ukraine

AO Germany Sends Supplies to Ukrainian Hospitals with Help from Henry Schein




Message from AO International President Gail Schupak

Dear Alpha Omega Family,

The horrific events that have transpired in the last few weeks and especially in the last few days impact us and all of humanity. I am attaching the message (with a few edits) that my Rabbi sent out to our Congregation at the Brotherhood Synagogue in Manhattan. I think he said exactly what I would like to say to all of you.

"The unprovoked full-scale armed invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces has been a horror to those directly affected. The situation is very fluid but there is no doubt that this is a humanitarian disaster for the citizens of Ukraine, including the 100,000 or so Jews (among them President Zelensky) who live there.

Much has been said about the senselessness of this war, the abject lies that are being used to justify it, and the unprecedented times we have entered into. While Russia's aggression is a threat to the entire world, it can feel like it is a particular threat to the Jews, at a time when antisemitism has already been on the rise.

When we see acts of injustice, we have a responsibility to stand up and act in the interest of the aggrieved. In this situation, where world diplomacy has failed, it may be difficult to see how we as individuals can help, but we should not be discouraged. Some ways that we can help with the refugees and injured is through an emergency fund designated by the UJA Federation or through various charities recommended by The Forward. We will continue to look for additional ways that the Alpha Omega International Dental Society community can directly support those affected by this terrible violence.

We pray that a just peace will soon arrive for those now caught in the crosshairs of history. As Tevye, the Milkman (a Jew from a shtetl in Ukraine) says in Fiddler on the Roof, “may God be with them.”



Gail Schupak, DMD
International President


AO Zurich Shares Ukraine Charity Info

Dear AO family:

As you all are witnessing, the situation in Ukraine is only deteriorating further. We have an organization here in Switzerland- which has been supporting Jewish projects in Ukraine for many years. They have mobilized to send what is needed after consulting directly with their people in Ukraine.

Our chapter has donated 10,000- CHF to enable them to purchase medications and foodstuffs (especially for children) to send to Ukraine. We are now organizing toothbrushes and toothpaste, as this has been requested directly from Czernowitz in Ukraine. Switzerland is expecting many refugees here too. The authorities will enable an uncomplicated entry with a special “S” visa so that the refugees can stay here for the moment.

If you know of anyone in Europe who wants to donate and needs another “address”- here are the Bank account details of LIFELINE below:

Email / Internet: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./, Tägnerstrasse 28, 8127 Forch, Switzerland

In Switzerland : UBS Zürich (Swiss Franc) : IBAN CH78 0022 5225 8340 8541 F
In Germany: Volksbank, D-78421 Konstanz (EUR): IBAN DE34 6929 1000 0227 90222 05


With hopeful wishes from Zurich,

Mark Margolin

Alpha Omega Israel Stands Ready to Help


The Israeli Ministry of Health contacted International Secretary Eldad Helft asked him to contact AO Israel members to help treat Ukrainian members. Eldad and Regent Vladi Dvoyris secured over 20 clinics to help with this effort.

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