Compendium_January_2017.jpgAlpha Omega International Dental Society has partnered with Compendium’s publisher, AEGIS Communications, to enhance each other’s organizations through similar values and strengths. AEGIS, an organization with years of professional experience, leadership, and insight into healthcare publishing, education, and multimedia communications, and AO, an international organization with a strong history of promoting and supporting ideals of oral health and dental education, has created a way to mutually support the oral healthcare platforms that provide high-quality content designed to enhance the dental practice and patient care.

AO - Compendium Partnership Announcement

Compendium replaces the Alpha Omegan, which was a highly sought after journal with PubMed-indexed articles, providing lecturers and researchers with the ability to quote many studies and clinical information over the years. This relationship with Compendium will allow members to continue this tradition. 

Compendium has been a trusted source of general practitioners and specialists for more than 37 years and has a readership over 20,000 dentists worldwide. In addition to having an Alpha Omega section in the Compendium, Aegis has provided a place for our members to obtain continuing education through reading articles and watching videos on our web portal at