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AO offers a collegiality and solidarity that cannot be found in other dental organizations. Our members are linked by values and goals and do not mind helping one another. Whether networking at a local meeting or volunteering at a charity event, our members enjoy meeting one another.

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Regional Meetings and Educational Events

All AO members are invited to join in local, regional, and international meetings. Members and friends have time to connect and deepen their knowledge with expert continuing education lectures during AO meetings.  Check the AO Events page to read more about where our next meetings are taking place. 

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AO reaches out to our members through the AO Now member newsletter, social media, and through a special partnership with AEGIS Communications.  Compendium, a top, peer-reviewed, dental publication showcases the expert dental research. 

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Our brand allows us to link our members through a variety of programs, including the Externship and Mentoring.  AO encourages students, dentists, and retired dentists to connect with each other through these valuable programs. 

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Externship Program

The AO Externship Program provides dental students an opportunity to participate in a two-week externship in North America, London, Europe, and Israel.  Students shadow member dentists and network within the local AO community.  In conjunction with the Externship Program Committee, local chapters help to arrange the visits for the students.  Applications are accepted in the early spring and externships are arranged for the late spring or over the summer.  

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Mentoring Program

The AO Mentoring Program links dental students with dentists who want to provide professional guidance and support. The mentor and mentee develop a relationship that can be structured around busy schedules, geography, and interests.  

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Residency Network Project

Alpha Omega's Residency Network Project has a goal is to link dental students with current and recent residents (and professors) in North American residency programs. The goal is to have dental students enhance their research about residency programs with input from those who actually know these programs well.

Learn more about membership by downloading our Alumni flyer.

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For more information about becoming a member or starting an AO chapter, please contact Jamie Pirowskin, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..