The Alpha Omega Foundation of Canada (AOF) was incorporated on November 17, 1970 as a duly registered non-profit charitable foundation under the laws of Canada. The AOF is a separate organization that is closely associated with the other charitable foundations of the Alpha Omega International Dental Society. Currently, there are foundations in the United States, which was also started in 1970, the United Kingdom and in Israel. Donations made to the AOF are distributed either as designated by the donor or by the Board of Directors that meets annually, usually in November.

All members of the Alpha Omega Dental Society in Canada are also members of the AOF in Canada. Each member pays a nominal annual amount to the AOF, usually through the chapter in his or her home city. 

The Board of Directors has representation from different parts of Canada. According to the AOF charter, the foundation is allowed, six Directors. Currently, the Directors come from Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary. The Directors move up a line holding each position for a two-year period. Once a Director has served as president, he or she becomes a Director Emeritus and is allowed to attend and participate at meetings but not vote. The exception is the secretary-treasurer. This individual holds the position for an extended period of time, often exceeding ten years, as it is the secretary-treasurer who is responsible for the day-to-day workings of the foundation.