116 Year Logo AO copyWelcome to the Alpha Omega International Dental Society!

Our New Strategic Mission:
To be and be perceived as the leading global dental society that promotes professionalism, Jewish values, and collegiality.

Alpha Omega was founded in 1907 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 116 years ago as an organization dedicated to combating discrimination against Jewish students. With time, we grew and expanded, and today, we are active in ten countries and have 105 chapters.  Initially, we fought against religious discrimination; with time, we evolved and developed.  We established two dental schools in Israel:  the Faculty of Dental Medicine at Hadassah in Jerusalem and the School of Dentistry at Tel Aviv University.

Our New Strategic Values:
Professionalism – Establishing superior oral care worldwide through promoting AO members' professional knowledge with a growth mindset.

Unity and Inclusion – Establishing a ‘family-like’ feeling among the members and creating a strong community.
Jewish Uniqueness – strengthen Jewish identity and fight antisemitism.

Our Continued Vision:
Alpha Omega envisions communities where everyone has access to oral health care and whose members can contribute to the well-being of others.

How do we execute our Mission?
Alpha Omega operates on both the local chapter and international scales. Our chapters are established in North America, Europe, and Israel. Locally, we hold regular social and professional gatherings.  At the international level, we assist our colleagues in gaining knowledge through Zoom lectures, mentoring, and study club.  Our focus extends beyond professional development; we focus on clinic management.

What is our activity?

New Strategic Execution:
1. Enrich our members continuously to keep them professionally competitive and updated:

a. High-quality CE: The best speakers from across the globe deliver presentations on various subjects to Alpha Omega members.
b. Mentoring
c. Study club:  Among our members are leading dentists from across the globe who guide the study groups and serve as mentors.

2.  Strengthen the sense of belonging and community:
a. Local meeting:  To support each other in any way we deem suitable.

b. Tikkun Olam
c. Work as one organization

During the recent war in Israel, the Alpha Omega family united as a cohesive force, working together to make a difference.  Our collective efforts included a $110,000 donation towards purchasing an ambulance for Magen David Adom (MDA).  Additionally, we established two dental clinics in partnership with the Natan Association.  These clinics offer essential dental care to Israeli residents who were displaced during the conflict, with one clinic situated near the Dead Sea and another in Eilat addressing the healthcare needs of the affected population.

3. Bring to life our Jewish Values:
a. Fighting antisemitism:  In any place where anti-Semitism emerges worldwide, we will stand there to champion our right to be proud Jewish professionals in dental medicine.
b. Strengthen moral Jewish values:  Through international lectures and activities to celebrate the Juice holidays.
c. Support Israel’s dental schools:  The faculties in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa were established with our support, and we continue to assist them today to keep them at the forefront on a global scale, and we take pride in that.

In today's world, being part of a large global family is more important than ever. You will be among the world's leading dentists. You will be a proud Jewish dentist. You will stand with those who can contribute to a successful society. You will be Alpha Omega.

4. Build a strong brand
Build a brand that everyone wants to belong.