2012 Presidential Message

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Spektor_Photo[Excerpt of Michael Spektor’s remarks during the 2011 Honors Night]

I am thrilled to be your new AO president and excited to embrace the opportunities before us in 2012. During the AO convention in Florida, I experienced the momentum and true essence of what AO is about: family and friendship. I know this exists in our entire organization.


It is an honor to serve an organization whose members are outspoken about what is important to them and this speaks to their continued commitment and vigilance to the organization they love.

AO is about its people—our people and our family—and how they provide inspiration to support and praise one another in upturns and downturns. Our values drive us to serve our profession and community:

The values of helping those in need, of caring, and of repairing the world.
The values of family and friendship.
The values of learning and education and creating opportunities for students.

AO is not about specific membership benefits. The real benefits of AO are not tangible at all… but are emotional. Indeed, AO is all about people acting locally and thinking globally. We have made great strides in reaching out to global communities to extend our friendship and make the connections stronger. We must continue to strive in this effort.

We must also support our local chapters and their ability to connect with their worldwide AO family. As we look to the coming year, we need to embrace our local chapters and their innovative initiatives to attract new young members.

These best practices of the successful local chapters are incubators for positive practices of chapters throughout the world- and this information can be sent with the click of a mouse or a touch of a screen.

Communication is instantaneous in our world. In addition to texting, emailing and instant messaging, we can see our smiling faces using Skype, Facebook, or Web conferencing. There is never a need for members or chapters to feel isolated.

It is upon us, therefore, to allocate our resources to supply our AO members with the most up-to-date, convenient, attractive and user-friendly technology available:

  • to be able to facilitate the transfer of information;
  • to communicate our values and vision to our members;
  • to empower and encourage them to create their own innovative ideas.

And, we can transfer information beyond our members to attract global corporate sponsors to partner with our philanthropic ventures. This investment in technology will begin to allow us to offer our values based services in a more efficient manner.

2012 Goal: Establish a mentor/mentee program to make appropriate matches.

Mentoring is a two way street. It is not about lecturing or giving advice. It is not about perpetuating the way things were. It is about listening, sharing and growing. It is about opening, not closing your mind to ideas. It is about guiding by example and then getting out of the way.

2012 Goal: Establish an up-to-date speakers bureau to allow our members to teach and learn easily around the world.

2012 Goal: Establish a clearing house for global volunteer opportunities.

Best of all, it will effortlessly connect us with the AO world and in multiple languages with the same click of a mouse or touch of a screen. Imagine.

With all of these opportunities in front of us, we will need to commit ourselves to moving forward in a positive direction. I look forward to serving the organization that I love and the people who also share that love for Alpha Omega. On behalf of Wendy and me, we encourage you to join us as we begin to write a new chapter in the story that is Alpha Omega.

Michael Spektor
International President


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