Purim Message

Greetings to all my fellow AO Members,                                                                                                        Druian

How ironic that as we celebrate the joyous festival of Purim, when the Jewish people were saved from the anti-Semitic Haman, we are faced with episodes of anti-Semitism that we thought was long dead and buried. We have known for the past few years that anti-Semitism was rising in Europe. Of course we felt for our Fraters in these countries but it was still far from North America.

Unfortunately it is now on America's and Canada's doorstep. It can't be ignored. The sight of damaged Jewish cemeteries, smashed head stones, swastikas daubed all over the place, frightening bomb threats at Jewish Schools and Jewish Community Centres, sadly this is the new reality. If ever Alpha Omega was relevant it is now. I urge you to not only re engage with your Chapters but badger and nudge lapsed members to rejoin. We need every Jewish colleague, Dentists and Associates to stand up and be counted and together let us defy this cancer that is returning to haunt us. I will be writing to lapsed members in the near future to try and get them to reconnect with AO.

But we must never let ourselves be intimidated and the Jewish way to avoid this is to increase our joy. To quote Rabbi Jonathan Sacks: "The people that can know the full darkness of history and yet rejoice is a people whose spirit no power on earth can ever break.

Purim Sameach to you all. Andy and I wish you a Purim full of joy.  

Mervyn Druian  
International President 

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